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is an online publication of latest news, stock market investing principles and tips, personal planning guide that will give you statistical analysis of latest financial market.

Like everyone else, you probably also would like to make more money – which is totally alright. We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that building wealth requires a lot of perseverance and diligent work.

You might have already taken a look at some stock market systems or subscribed to highly-reputed tip sheets and realized they just don't cut it. There are many scammers out there, whether online or offline -- who will give worthless advice to individual investors. This is merely one of many reasons I do not give advice – just my own personal insight founded on statistical analysis and conservative intrinsic assessment.

At deepbluegroup, we show you how we are creating wealth for the long-term, a single day at a time, by following simple stock market investing principles. If you already have an operating portfolio, we do hope that our track record – gains as well as losses – can aid you attain your goals.

If you have not invested in the stock market investing but just now planning on doing so, you can see what it is all about, what you can derive from it and find out what it takes to make proper decisions on your own without risking any money: follow deepbluegroup without having to constantly check for updates as you will be notified by email whenever new content is uploaded.

9 Common Questions about the Stock Market Answered

How to Find Undervalued Stocks deepbluegroup

3 Basic Things You Need To Know About Value Investing


What Is A Share?

A share essentially means a part ownership of a business registered on the stock market.

An individual who owns shares is called a shareholder. Stocks and shares do not merely refer to numbers on a stock monitor screen.

Share prices correspond to the present price for a company's stock.

You may ask: What about the value of the business? Is the share price an accurate measure of the worth of the business?

The whole idea I would like to focus on is this:

If a share means part-ownership of a business, then as a shareholder, one needs to analyze a certain company for investment as if one were going to acquire the entire business.

This applies even if a share refers to partial ownership of a company.

Obviously, we cannot do partial evaluation of a company corresponding to that fractional stake in a business.

The public's awareness about shares

For many years, people have voiced out their opinion to me in diverse manners about the stock market being nothing but a huge casino and that shares and stock are practically poker chips to be purchased and traded for the delightful experience.

An educated, smart investor will view things in another way.

Quantitative analysis means evaluating a business, its cash flow, its liabilities, its debts, how it generates money and many more.

The purpose is to ascertain that:
- You do not gamble your money away but make an informed decision about your investments

- You do not lose, or, as much as possible, you reduce the danger of losing your money.

-This may appear like very difficult work.

- If so, gambling is much easier.

Why a company issues shares by deepbluegroup
The main reason is to make money.

They issue a slice, not all, but a piece of their company to be apportioned into tiny bits we refer to as shares.

In exchange, company gets paid by investors who acquire the shares through a stock exchange.

Companies who issue shares have the obligation to shell out dividends to their shareholders, as cash amounts drawn from the earnings of the company.

Not every company pays a dividend and some usually do not, particularly if they encounter rough financial weather or plan to withhold money from shareholders to plow back into building up or maintaining the business.

Shares can be purchased and sold by investors any time during the trading hours of the stock exchange on which the shares are listed, often online through a stockbroker's website.

Share prices and what they represent to value investors

Share prices symbolize what you need to pay to buy a single share of a company's stock.

The important idea in value investing is that it centers on what the value of the company is worth for every share of stock.

As an example, if a share price is quoted today at £2.20 per share but by using quantitative analysis you figured that the business was valued at £4.00 per share, then you have found an undervalued business.

For value investors, therefore, stock market quotes and share prices provides an occasion for a person to weigh price against value. That is, the current price of the share versus the current value of the business.

However, it is more often the case that this kind of an assessment through meticulous quantitative analysis leads to the discovery of a fairly valued or overvalued stock.

Occasionally, an investor will discover an undervalued company in relation to the share price.

As such, a share is a chance to buy a stake in a business that is undervalued.

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What Is The Stock Market?

The stock market is an online trader.

Centers of finance, such as London and New York, have their own stock exchanges – that is, their own retail shops or venues where investors, whether they are private individuals or banks or pension and hedge funds, can purchase and sell shares of stock.

Remember: One share is a part-ownership of a company.

At present, stocks and shares can be more commonly acquired on the Internet through a stockbrokers' website, in the same way that Amazon conducts sales through its website.

You can acquire or sell shares in businesses from the US, UK, Europe, India, Japan and other nations over the stockbroker's website.

The Stock Market – The Traditional View

When people mention the stock market, they often refer to the stock exchange (retail outlet) in their own country. For instance, my stock market is the London Stock Exchange.

Through my stockbroker's website, I gain access to exchanges globally and buy and sell shares on the London Stock Exchange as well as The New York Stock Exchange, The NASDAQ and The American Stock Exchange.

Like Amazon, a stock market is a venue where buying and selling takes place but the only goods available offers are shares.

As you can see in particular, the stock market and stock exchanges are retail shops for the acquiring and trading shares.

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How You Can Profit From the Stock Market

Customarily, people earn from the stock market through their membership of a pension plan either privately or through a company they work for. In the US, this is traditionally done through the 401(k).

At times, people will invest money into mutual funds to make money off the stock market and assign somebody else do the job of selecting stocks. The advantages of stock picking by mutual fund managers have not been that commendatory.

And this is not merely a phenomenon that occurs in the US.

The UK pension industry has been often criticized for making profit, not from the stock market, but from the fees they charge their clients.

The only way to earn from the stock market is to take ownership and control of your involvement in it. Allowing others to do it for you will lead to an erosion of the wealth you have worked so hard to create.

What Is The Stock Market? The Real Answer deepbluegroup

deepbluegroup provides the investor the potential to earn from the folly of other stock market players. In short, stock market is basically composed of the participants in it, such as private persons and institutions like hedge funds, pension funds, banks and mutual funds, who acquire and sell shares.

The stock market, ultimately, is not the millions of share-price figures flashing across the display monitors of day traders.

The "folly of others" simply refers to the stock markets' strange capacity to drive up and shrink the values of companies – they undervalue and overvalue them

.You can earn from their folly by:

- Purchasing shares in businesses when they are undervalued and;

- Selling them when they reach their full value and

- Keep away from the stock market when and if they are overvalued.

This is entirely in contrast to the gamblers mentality of attempting to buy in bear markets and attempting to sell in bull markets.

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