What’s the Cost of Trailer Hitch Installation?

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If you want to install a trailer hitch onto your vehicle, you probably first want to know how much the addition will cost. You can add the hitch to a car, truck, or an RV and when you do, enjoy benefits small and large. The ability to tow is the biggest of the benefits, of course. But, that still leaves the question of costs.

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Many factors impact the costs of trailer hitch installation baltimore md. This includes the type of vehicle you want the hitch installed on, the company selected to make the installation, and many other factors. It is ideal that you take the time to compare rates with several companies before you hire, since the price will differ from one company to another.

Free estimates are available upon request. Simply request an estimate from the companies of interest and use it to compare prices with the other companies. It is easy to compare the costs of service amongst companies and since it is free, the only thing that you lose is a bit of time. Of course, when things are all said and done, you actually never lose anything!

Some people spend as little as $225 to install a trailer hitch on their vehicle while other people pay $800 and sometimes more for the installation. This includes the cost of parts. If you already have your own parts, expect to pay $100 – $200 to install the hitch. If you want any extras or special features with the hitch, expect to spend more money than the prices indicated here.

Although you’ll send a few hundred bucks for a trailer hitch installation, most drivers agree the money is well-spent once the benefits begin to show. Compare the options and find the best prices and you’ll likely have the same reaction!