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Marine Parts Shipped Around The World

An interesting way of putting things in a nutshell then. Your replacement marine parts are being ‘shipped’ to all corners of the globe. The heaviest parts and components are, no doubt, shipped and stored safely and securely in those thick metal shipping containers and transported across the ocean in as little time as possible on a, yes, you guessed right, freighting ship. These are the hugest ocean faring vessels known to mankind, carrying so many goods from one end of the earth to the other in, yes, you guessed this much too, as little time as possible.

replacement marine parts

Finding vital parts and components for your boats was always a challenge before. You had to scramble high and low from one ship yard to the next but all to no avail. The ship yard back then resembled more of a junk yard than anything else. And if there was this remote glimmer of luck that somewhere out there, someone had the part you were looking for, it would take weeks, if not months to reach you. And how much damage this long waiting period may have done to your business.

It probably had little impact because you were as innovative as a ship’s master was expected to be. You never left the harbor without your engineer. And, let’s just say that he could keep things afloat while you waited for the right delivery to arrive. That is all back then. Today, how things have changed. Many of the smaller parts and components that you were easily able to locate online are now being shipped by air and can reach you within a week. That is really quite fast and only possible if both you and your source supplier are keeping close watch on the order and delivery process.